noun: popcorn
  1. kernels that swell up and burst open with a pop forming irregularly shaped soft puffs.

Popcorn (available soon at shopTresser on Etsy)

“What I like about The Popcorn snuud is its flexibility. The texture changes every time it collapses in a different direction. It’s softer around the neck as opposed to some of the other designs that are much more structured and stiff. I could have made it reversible with no ‘wrong’ side but something about the back of the popcorn stitch is so beautiful I decided to leave it.”

etsy_IMG_1172etsy_IMG_1183etsy_IMG_1185etsy_IMG_1201etsy_IMG_1204etsy_IMG_1205etsy_IMG_1216etsy_IMG_1053 etsy_IMG_1063 etsy_IMG_1103 etsy2_IMG_1019 etsy2_IMG_1028tresser_IMG_0323tresser_Untitledtresser_CRW_0976 1

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