1. 1.
    envelop or surround in a protective or comforting way.

Cocoon (available soon at shopTresser on Etsy)

“The Cocoon is the largest and most fashion-forward of the snuud designs. It was inspired by the idea of clothing as protection. The way we present ourselves to the world through our wardrobes is a type of armor and in this case that idea is taken quite literally. The Cocoon is 24″ high and if the wearer pulls it up they disappear entirely. Wouldn’t we all like that ability sometimes?”

etsy1_IMG_1047 etsy1_IMG_1051 etsy1_IMG_1052 etsy1_IMG_1055 etsy1_IMG_1056 etsy1_IMG_1074 etsy2_IMG_1038 etsy2_IMG_1043 etsy2_IMG_1057 etsy2_IMG_1058 etsy2_IMG_1074tresser_Untitledblog_IMG_0207 tresser_IMG_0073 tresser_IMG_0077

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